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quote Will visit again, nice food with affordable price

EZ Garden - No. 6070, Jalan Ong Yi How

Kc Chew - 4 years ago

quote Great place to gang out with friends , affordable and delicious thai cuisine and bbq sticks to savor your appetite.

Le Meilleur Cafe - 7444 Jln Bagan Lallang

Ng Leo - 2 months ago

quote When this restaurant was newly opened, it served very thick tomyam soup and a lot of ingredients. You will definitely love it. I went almost 3 times a week..Then, the ownner got bigger and better business, I went once before MCO hit us. That time it became not so nice.Today I went again after 2.5 years. The tomyam was not nice at all anymore..it was so costly. The soup was dilute with very minimal of ingredients. I really hope the ownner can bring his spirit up again by cooking tasty tomyam!!

Ah Bah Ko Steamboat - 571 Jalan Jelutong

Annie Yee - 4 months ago

quote Nice ambiance food served very fast. Food taste good and price is cheap.

Aik Choong Vegetarian Restaurant - 6549 Jalan Raja Uda

Ongfoo jee heng - 3 months ago

quote We came at a group of 8 people for lunch and this is our go to place for Indian food We got a variety of biryani of chicken and mutton with interesting spices probably I will never figure out. The chicken 65 is pretty good, juicy Mango lassi is great, it comes great with spicy food. We also ordered spinach mutton which is also chewy and tasty Overall experience is nice we will definitely come back !

Bocadillos Restaurant & Bar - Jln Mayang Pasir 3

Renee Liu - 4 months ago

quote Many choices including two meatless options. The ambient is nice and clean. The place seems well equipped with good exhaust fans to make sure smell doesn’t get into your clothes. I personally had the Vegelicious burger with fries, coleslaw and free flow fountain drink. The burger itself was unique as you can hardly find self made vege patties. However, the taste can be improved. The fries I wished it was more but it’s well seasoned and crispy. The coleslaw is normal. Overall a nice place to add into your meatless burger options.

Burger Society - 1-3 Jln Mayang Pasir 3

Shaun - 2 years ago