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Taiwanese cuisine itself is often associated with influences from mid to southern provinces of China, most notably from the south of Fujian which often leads to it being classified as or grouped with 'Southern Fujianese cuisine'. There are also influences from Japanese cuisine due to the period of Japanese rule, as well as influence from indigenous cultures on the island.

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Taro Milk Tea

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quote This is definitely the best place for bubble tea in the area. The service is fast and the tea is so good! Highly recommend you support this amazing local business

Jasmine Lewis - a year ago

quote The Pork on rice with the pickles was great. The Squid balls where yummy and juicy. The Kumura chips added a touch of Kiwi. The bubble tea was loved by the whole group. With so many fried chicken options it was hard to decide which was the best. The Taiwanese kimchi was especially yummy. Great prices with friendly and quick service. Can’t wait to go again.

Mooses88 - 2 months ago

quote Really enjoyed the crispy chicken on rice, their hot cabinet vegetables & meat combo was pretty good as well. Well balanced price. Will definitely eat there again.

Vanessa Hu - a week ago