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quote The road in front of the place is narrow but I can easily get a parking lot 90% of the time in the morning. There're vegetarian pao (bun), dumpling, nasi lemak, noodles other than economic rice.

Heng Xin Vegetarian BL - No. 19 Lorong Kampung Jawa

Yen Ching Tan - 3 years ago

quote good choice for a quick lunch

Kim Poh Roasted Chicken & Duck - 8 Lintang Batu Maung

RM2 Penang - 8 months ago

quote Nice places to hang out for sure, ample parking space around here, tons of outdoor seating with plenty of ceiling fan, have toilet and good teh tarik , tasty chicken fried rice too.

Nasi Kandar Astana (Bayan Lepas) - 42 G 11920 Cangkat Bukit Belah

chuah Yimmy - 3 years ago

quote A bit queue to get your roti canai, the person after you sometimes get the roti canai first, maybe some advance bookimg had to be made

Nasi Kandar Dinas (Batu Maung) - Lintang Batu Maung 1

Mr Nobody But True - 3 months ago

quote I was craving for Nasi Kandar and so happen to be near Sungai Ara area so I saw this Restoran Nasi Kandar Dinas. Decided to give it a try since it is not that popular compared to other more established outlet like Pelita or NS (well at least in my own opinion). Overall, more or less what you will be expecting for a nasi kandar, I ordered ala carte dishes and ask them to mix the curry for me "banjir" style. I think the curry is not as fragrant as other popular nasi kandar but still it is ok. But it is also more spicy as well. The fried chicken is good, juicy and crispy while the vegetables are more or less the same. Verdict: if you craving for nasi kandar, and lazy to go somewhere far away, can definitely try Dinas. Otherwise, I still prefer NS or Pelita. Let's not talk about those one shop popular ones like Line Clear, Beratur or Kampung Melayu. I am comparing Dinas to the typical nasi kandar with many outlets available.

Nasi Kandar Dinas (Sungai Ara) - Tingkat Kenari 6

Kevin Yeoh - a year ago

quote When this restaurant was newly opened, it served very thick tomyam soup and a lot of ingredients. You will definitely love it. I went almost 3 times a week..Then, the ownner got bigger and better business, I went once before MCO hit us. That time it became not so nice.Today I went again after 2.5 years. The tomyam was not nice at all anymore..it was so costly. The soup was dilute with very minimal of ingredients. I really hope the ownner can bring his spirit up again by cooking tasty tomyam!!

Ah Bah Ko Steamboat - 571 Jalan Jelutong

Annie Yee - 2 months ago